What the F*ck are You @ your Core?

Behind the facade you show the world there is that something you don’t want anyone to see & that is what you truly are @ your core! The story “D” is designed to reveal your truth no matter how good or bad it may be. Lets be clear if you’re not ready to adapt to the coming changes in the world I suggest you leave this site immediately and go back to doing whatever you were doing earlier today, yesterday and the countless days before. It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or any other religion, you will likely discover how you personally have contributed to the current state of affairs in America and the world simply by reading a short story. The beauty of this little creation is that it is not intended to convince you of anything, it is merely a tool of personal revelation that once revealed you can do as you please. I must warn you that emotions may run high, but I ask you to continue to the end because that is where magic begins…

“D” WTF are You @ your core?

It’s hard to believe that so much has happened since the unfortunate incident that took place in Atlanta shortly after the mass shootings of mexican immigrants at the Mexico border along with President Trump’s response. It’s like a lingering nightmare in these uncertain times with so much anxiety, hatred and unaccountability taking place in America today. Hell I’m not gonna go on with my own personal opinions, I’ll just tell you what was presented to me as the newly appointed Special Advisor to the President on Environmental and Chemical Threats. Now keep in mind I’m trying to forget this Crap because I really got to see what some people really are at their Core and that wasn’t pretty. I must warn you that after you read this story You will discover what You are @ your core no matter how bright or dark it may be, so here we go:

It’s October 29th @ 10:37am on a surprisingly warm sunny day in Atlanta at the “CDC” Centers for Disease Control as one approaches the main entrance you must proceed thru 2 sets of security guard posts. Once you’re inside everything looks like your normal cubicle prison as you come across several people talking and working in their various business attire uniforms. Then things change fast when you approach the more secure areas leading up  to the experimental section which has the whole section quarantined including offices. Everyone is wearing special red badges that evidently only gives them access to this area and the majority of them look to be a bit depressed. This is where the Shit begins: There are (5) Technicians in white suits carrying various tubes of a clear liquid and they’re discussing politics of all things especially President elect Trump and his comments on minorities. The technicians are a mixture of White (Richard, Ginger & Gerald), Latino (Christian),  Indian (Roy) and Black (Travis). 

Gerald mentions that “Trump is exactly what the United States needs right now to make America “White” I mean Great Again” and Travis the Black technician turns towards him and throws one of the test tubes at him, it bounces off his chest and breaks on the floor. Ginger turns towards outspoken Gerald and calls him a racist bigot and slams her test tube to the floor in frustration shattering it with it’s contents. The mixture on the floor creates a gas and all the technicians look at each other and then it happens:

Christian & Roy begin to sweat profusely and fall to their knees, Ginger runs to their side as Gerald and Richard begin to step back. They both turn to look at Travis who also begins to sweat profusely and slowly falls to his knees. Richard runs over to the panic button and pushes it to sound the alarm.

Alarms & Sirens throughout the building.

That evening I get a call from the White House saying that I need to stop by the President’s Oval Office at 9:00am for a briefing and will be heading to Atlanta immediately afterwards. I’m thinking what the fuck? I don’t even know why I got this job in the first place because everyone knows I’m not a big fan of President Trump and now I gotta get on a freakin plane for what? Anyway my Beautiful wife Beckah who I happened to knock up in graduate school has made an amazing Indian dish of lamb and whatever else her people eat. I just flat out lucked up with her because she is definitely a step above what I deserve (though they say I’m a Brad Pitt look alike), just picture an indian & white Beyonce that would be her. Oh and did I mention she’s freaky as hell, oh yeah getting a little off subject. Had a hard time sleeping that night for some reason so I just laid there in bed thinking about what the next day would bring, boy I never would’ve dreamed what my reality would become.

The next morning I’m getting dressed and sit down for a moment looking at an old Oshkosh West High School yearbook photo of the football team and I can’t stop looking at my buddy Bash who happens to be the only Black guy on the team. 

This takes me back in time to the first day I met Bash, we were in the second grade and our teacher Mr Kolterjohn asked Bash to step out in the hall. This was the first time I had ever seen a Black person in the flesh. The Principal got on the loudspeaker and said “we have a new student with us and he is of a different skin color and I expect you to welcome him and treat him with respect”. I thought fucking A, he can hear this Shit just like the rest of us. I can’t imagine what was going through his mind at that point, but I would soon discover Bash was beyond his years and one of the toughest guys I have ever known (besides his father).

Now Bash’s father was larger than life, just imagine a Black Man in 1970 buying a brewery in an all white town. Yep, 19 fucking 70! I was told that he walked into the police station and said if anyone messes with his family he’s gonna shoot to kill and ask questions later! Fucking Bad Ass! My father worked at the brewery and said he was probably gonna lose his job because a damn (N word) bought the brewery and he would be replaced by a damn ape. My father couldn’t stand Black people even though he never met one. Well Bash’s Pops not only kept everyone of the employees, but he gave them a raise. When I finally met him he had a presence about him that I will never forget, it was as thou he was glowing and emitting rays of light. Bash used to tell me about all the shit his father went thru during the civil rights movement in Milwaukee and how he took action on anything he found unjust. I see where Bash gets it from, because Bash doesn’t like to see people get fucked over for any reason. His father recently passed at the ripe old age of 88 and I regret I couldn’t make the funeral.

(I hear Beckah’s footsteps)

Beckah walks in and she ask “what the hell you doing looking at that relic” and I reply I’m  thinking about catching up with Bash (Sebastian) when I’m in Atlanta. She says “when’s the last time you spoke to him and isn’t he worth a gazzilion dollars now?”. Well I don’t know but it’s been about 10 years when he came to my  Dad’s funeral, Remember? Beckah replies “Oh yeah some of my girlfriends are still talking about their wet panties to this day!” We both laugh and I kiss her fine ass and head out the door.

I walk outside and about to summon an Uber, but there is already a car waiting for me ready to take me to the White House along with 2 motorcycle police escorts. I walk in the Oval Office and meet President Trump for the 1st time and he’s a surprisingly charming and funny guy. After a little small talk President Trump blurts out “can you believe they want to prosecute those patriots for protecting our border, true Americans they are?”, then informs me there has been an accident at the Center for Disease Control and I must evaluate the situation and get a status report ASAP! I leave the office and this time summon an Uber ride, you know that high-end Uber Black since it’s on the government’s dime. My driver arrives in less than 60 seconds, I get in ask him where he’s from and he says Ethiopia and I say Wow all of my drivers so far have been from overseas. Now that we’re on our way I pull out a piece of paper with Bash’s number on it that I got from our friendly FBI friends right before I left the White House. I dial those digits!

Bash is walking out of the restaurant True Food at Lenox mall wearing a sports coat, purple button down shirt with jeans and blue loafers. Thou he’s in his fifties it’s apparent that he’s in great shape as well as having an aura that money is simply not an issue (you just feel it as he’s not extravagant by any means no rolex or jewelry). He walks to the valet who has his brown tesla model S ready to go, hands him a $20 and his phone rings. He looks at his phone and has a look of minor disbelief and then he smiles.


Sebastian speaking, how may I help You?


Hey Bash, this is Donny.


Shit, what’s up big D

Wait a minute how the fuck you get this number (laughs), oh yeah heard you work for the  Prez.


(Laughing) Yeah & I heard you work for yourself, you never did like people telling you what to do.


(Laughing) and your point.


I’m heading to Atlanta later this morning and wanted to see how the rich people play…


Cool, what time are you getting in I’ll pick you up from the airport- what airline?


11:20am Delta & I’m staying at The Whitley Buckhead.


Perfect that’s near my Office and Condo.

Call me when you land I’ll be out front in a Brown Tesla S.


Great look forward to seeing you.


Likewise later!

The Uber driver makes great time and once I get in the airport I don’t even have to go thru security, they just direct me to my gate. On a Delta flight and first class Baby! Once I get my seat I pass out and only wake up as we’re approaching the Atlanta airport and I mumble to myself “What the fuck did you guys do?” The pilot makes a perfect landing and it felt good to get off the plane 1st! Damn this Atlanta airport is huge, gotta get on a train just to get to baggage claim and it’s packed. I get my bag step outside and it’s jammed pack pickup area outside the baggage claim. I notice a Black officer who is telling an older White gentlemen he can’t park his car (which happens to be a silver Bentley) and he has to keep it moving. The White gentleman says he’ll only be a minute, but the officer smiles at him and say “keep it moving”! The gentlemen puts his car in drive and looks angry at the officer then decides to move up a little further and sees another spot and parks, as soon as he puts the car in park he sees another officer who happens to be white and he smiles at the officer. The officer smiles approaches his car walks toward him and says “that’s a beautiful car, now Keep it Moving!” Interesting.

Bash drives up and sees me waiting by the curb, parks gets out and gives me a hug belting out “What’s up Big D”, he loads my bag we get in the tesla and drive off.


What brings you to the A T L?


Gotta check out some new procedures being implemented @ the CDC.


Cool, You hungry or do you want to head straight to the Whitley?


Let me drop off my bag and we’ll go from there.

We drive up to the Whitley and the valets say “Hello Sebastian Welcome Back”

“Are you headed to the lounge?”


Nope, just letting my buddy checking in so I’ll wait right here if that’s Ok

By the way this is Don Pearson and you better treat him Right (Big Smile) and hands him a $20


“Of course Sebastian!”

I walk in and head to the desk.


“Hello how may I help you”


I have a reservation Don Pearson.


Of Course, We have upgraded you to our Presidential Suite compliments of Sebastian.


Shit Thanks.

I get my card passes and head back to Bash. We head over to Bash’s Condo which is on top of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in a place called Buckhead. I walk in stop and say “what the fuck” & Bash just turns and smiles and says “Life’s Good”! Now Bash’s pad is beyond what I imagined, it’s a 9600 sqft 2 level penthouse with all natural furniture from all around the world, the one thing that sticks out to me is that there are no tvs anywhere. There are rotating pictures in his digital frames with Presidents, Kings, Head of States and any other Leaders I could think of foreign countries including Putin. Did I mention that Bash is Black, oh yeah yearbook? Bash introduces me to his personal chef Kwan and says “Kwan can make anything and make it healthy too”

We sit back on one of his couches and Kwan brings over 2 Green Smoothies.  I ask Bash what he’s worth? He says what do I Mean, material shit and money? He picks up one of those indestructible laptops hands it to me and it begins playing a video of his empire BASHNET. I come to know that Bash is approaching Billionaire status through his holding company BASHNET and that he has interests in Chemicals, Green Technology Businesses, Publishing, Film and Sustainable Housing. I ask Bash how he did it as we both went to school as Chemical Engineers with Bash being at the top of the class and myself not far behind. Bash says “Beckah and kids mean a Job, Bash no kids (that I know of) mean Freedom to concentrate on the 3 comma club”. We both Laugh!

We discuss a little of the racism back in Oshkosh when me and Bash first met. We also discuss our progress in mastering the Bruce Lee inspired Martial Arts we studied since the day Bash moved to Oshkosh. After a well prepared dinner Bash gives me the keys to his Ferrari that he no longer drives because he’s all about sustainability and says I can return it or not whenever I feel like it as he remembers that was always my dream car!

The Next Day

I leave my suite come down stairs walk outside and the valet has the ferrari waiting. I can’t freakin believe it, I push the ignition button and daaammn I lose for  a minute I can’t believe a dream has come true. I approach the CDC go thru security, park the ferrari and head to the director’s office. There are several Heads of various departments and government contractor seated at the head of the table with a silver briefcase and military personnel present.

Government Contractor (Bobby)

Hello Donny, glad you could make it as we have a very delicate situation.

(I’m a little uneasy as the Private Government Contractor seems to be running the meeting)


Situation? Whatta you mean?

Government Contractor (Bobby)

I think it best if we show you.

They pull a video of that shit you read about at the beginning of the story which includes audio. We see the original footage and what happened next: We see that Roy, Christian & Travis fall from their knees to the floor and sweating so much it looks like they’re burning from the inside out as their suits are drenched. They start to lose their breath and suffocate and die in a matter of minutes. Gerald, Richard and Ginger are stunned watching in amazement and they realize this deadly mixture does not affect them. Bobby stops the video!


Donny boy, as you can see we have a biological agent that seems to only affect a certain segment of the population of which the implications are huge.

(I realize there are only White people in the room like myself and I start to have a sick feeling in my gut, it starts to seep in that I’m in an evil & awkward situation)


Segment of the population?


Yeah Donny. It seems that minorities and a just plain colored folk are the only ones affected and that includes the africans, whatever the blacks in the US call themselves these days, mexicans, indians and asians. And as you know they are

 the main causes of all that’s wrong with the world today.

My phone rings and it’s Beckah, immediately 2 military personnel point their weapons (look to be stun guns) at me and Bobby says “you may want to tell them you’ll call them back”. I say Baby I’m in a meeting I’ll call you right back.


Now son do you see the opportunity in front of us and more importantly are you on board.


(sensing this is a life or death situation for me I respond)

Of course, what’s next?


Now though you work for the President I think it best that we delay some of our findings until we can make an intelligent decision on moving forward. Would you be so kind as to hand over your phone?

Shit I’m thinking to myself I have no choice so I hand it over


Great, now we have figured out the formula and Jim over there has it on his laptop or notebook whatever that damn thing is (laughter in the room)

I walk over to Jim and he says he’s always been a big fan of mine and hopes one day to make it to my level. I take a good look at the formula and realize it is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and if we’re to create an antidote I’ll need Bash’s help Big Time. At this point Bobby says the meeting is adjourned. Hell yeah let me get the fuck outta here, now Jim says would you mind if I have a picture & not knowing what to say, I say sure why not. Jim grabs his phone and prepares to do a selfie (and Bingo it pops into my head), let me I’m an expert at this sort of thing. I grab the phone and positions myself so we are both in the picture as well as the laptop screen. Click perfect.

Lunch time approaches and I go to Bobby’s office to inform him that an old friend of mine is coming to lunch here at the building and he will probably be calling me so I thought it best to call him 1st. Bobby reaches in his desk (revealing a silver pistol the only real gun in the building) and hands me the phone.


Hey Bash meet me at building 7 and we can have lunch here as they have a cafeteria.


Cool see you in 15…

Bash enters the building and as he walks towards me he knows something’s wrong as I’m not smiling at all. I say “wow Bash I haven’t seen you in years you look the same”.



We head to the cafeteria and Bash looks up on the balcony and recognizes the Bobby!


Well well well, that’s one of the greediest, most hateful, power hungry bastards I’ve ever known.


Is that right?

We sit down to lunch and realize that our every word is being recorded so we just bull shit thru it. Then Jim (the biggest fan) sees me and recognizes Bash and about blows his top. He runs over and says “are you Sebastian Jackson of BASHNET”


Yes sir and you are?


Jim Gibbs.

At this point Bobby recognizes Bash and sends the (4) including the 2 armed military personnel over to take him in custody. I peep this and ask Jim to show Bash our selfie. Jim pulls out his phone and shows Bash the photo. Bash takes his phone smiles and then an intense looks comes across his face as he sees the formula on the laptop. Bash looks at me and says:

Is this shit here?


Yes sir.


Whatever happens next, promise me you won’t leave the building.

Four (2 White 2 black) military personnel approach Bash and ask him to follow them.

Bash (with a look that makes everyone in the room uneasy)

I follow no man!

The battle begins: 

One of the military personnel reaches towards Bash with his right hand (big mistake). Bash grabs his hand with his right hand pulling him towards him and Bash pivots swinging his left elbow breaking his arm in one quick motion. By the time everyone realizes what happened Bash’s right hand is to his throat and the guy is no more. The three remaining guys are stunned for a second as they realize Bash is on a whole nother level when it comes to the game of combat and death. Bash turns towards them and smiles, one of the guys rushes Bash. Bash uses his left arm to put him off balance pushing him towards me, I step down in front of him with my back turned and come up with my right elbow to his throat and another one bites the dust. The last 2 men have some martial art skills and stand in their fight stance. Bash and myself just smile and look at them, they can’t take it so they rush us. I take the first guy, right fingers to the eyes, left foot to dislocate his right knee, pick him up in a fetal position and drop him on my knee breaking his back. Now Bash blocks his guys blow with one arm and at the same time hits him in the gut spins him around, grabs him around the neck, sweeps out his legs and breaks his neck over his right shoulder then he looks up and Bobby and says “really”. The battle continues as both me & Bash have to fight our way through 10 military personnel up the stairs to get to Bobby. This is a 10 minute continual fight sequence with lots screaming, blood and broken bones. My shoulder is separated during the fight so Bash has to move forward on his own.

During the fight sequence Bobby manages to grab the laptop, pistol and the silver briefcase with the agent and awkwardly runs to the elevator while shooting attempting to kill Bash. There are 2 Black guards blocking Bash’s way and Bash says “I don’t think this is a good day to die so please step aside”. They refuse and Bash drops to his knees hitting both in the balls and as he rises up he pulls out their throats. This gives Bobby enough time to get on the elevator and make it to the ground floor. Bash jumps over the railing, landing and rolling but badly twisting his left knee. He gets up limping heading out the door which is filled with sunshine. He cries out to Bobby “stop you don’t have a clue”.

Bobby stops, turns his gun toward Bash and smiles. Then he puts the gun down and reaches in the silver briefcase and pulls out a test tube of death. He holds it in front of his body smiles and releases it. Bash screams NOOOOOO  pointing to the sky.

Bash slowly falls to his knees covered in sweat still pointing to the sky. I’m leaning on the door looking out helplessly staring at Bash for 30 seconds which seems like an eternity.

I look over and see Bobby starting to sweat profusely and slowly fall to his knees. I scan the area and other White people in the area start to sweat profusely and drop to their knees. Bash gets up and walks over to Bobby still pointing to the sky and says:

  • The Sun’s Vitamin D!” Vitamin D reverses the reaction… “D”

Ending Narration:

Now take a moment to ask yourself how you felt about Bobby, Bash or any particular person or race? Did you hope Bash would Succeed or Fail? Was it because you wanted a particular race to live or die? You see I really don’t care what your answer to the question is because I have done what I planned to do and that is to reveal to You what the fuck you truly are at your core!

The end or New Beginnings…
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